Dreams in the Womb
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Echoing back to a time when prose was poetic and romance meant the passion of dreamers as well as lovers, Dreams in the Womb explores the wanton-romantic heart of prose-poet Brandon Gene Petit in an eclectic collection of prose and verse. Although following closely on the heels of Petit s previous collection, the somewhat vexed and Poe-esque work entitled Ab Antiquo, Ab Aeterno, Dreams in the Womb professes to take us to more beautiful, more fragrant and visually delectable places than before, leaving the relatively gothic overtones of Petit s past works somewhat distant but not forgotten. While not without an occasional well-dosed touch of darkness, the images and themes in Dreams are, as a whole, decidedly elegant and tasteful in a way that aims to allure and dazzle the reader. Dreamers and seekers of beauty can escape the mundane light of day and drench themselves in dense verbiage as dark and thick as crimson wine, ultimately revisiting the ornate and redolent eras of Joyce, Dunsany and Poe."



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