Think Happy in 365 Days: Daily Happiness, inspirational and Gratitude Journal (Paperback)
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Daily Happiness and Gratitude Journal Focusing on inspiration, gratitude, and happiness in your existing life will improve your overall happiness and change your life forever. With just 5 minutes each day, this journal will help you to lower stress levels, feel calmer, gain perspective and increase your overall happiness. Thomas Medias Think Happy in 365 Days is a fun and challenging way to look at the world. A full color, an inspirational book which will transform your life. From fun and thoughtful exercises lasting just 5 minutes each day you will learn to see the wonder of the world, holding gratitude for the world you live in. Improve Your Happines and Mindfulness - Gratitude Exercises - Reflection Exercises - Inspirational Quotations - Happy Exercises - Mental Health & Fitness Exercises - Beautiful Colours to increase happiness and creativity - 5*8 Inches, Full Color Think happy is the perfect journey companion of mindfulness and gratitude to help you enjoy a life of happiness.



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