The Ceo's Guide to Marketing : The Book Every Marketer Should Read Before Their Boss Does (Hardcover)
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As the CEO of your organization, this should worry you. Your marketing team knows a lot less about marketing than they let on, and you can prove it in an instant. Ask them to explain the difference between the marketing mix and the promotional mix. It’s a basic question but surprisingly most marketers don’t know the answer. Imagine asking your accounting staff the difference between a balance sheet and an income statement, and finding out you stumped them. Now consider this. You can maybe ring another 20% in sales out of your current customers, but that’s offset by the hole in your customer bucket. Real growth comes from new business development and you’ve entrusted a good share of that to a marketing team that can't define a basic marketing term. Not good. Someone in your company should know about marketing. I suggest you buy a copy of this book for yourself first. I'll show you what I call the 6 steps of Strategically Aimed Marketing or The SAM 6 Process for short. It will get you up to speed quickly so you can’t be bamboozled. Then buy copies for your staff and make them study it until they can teach it.



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