Uncle John's Scrambled Brains: 36 Tear-Off Placemats for Kids Only!
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Feed your brain while you feed your face! How do you keep kids from gnawing off the table legs while they wait for the meals? Easy! You feed their brains. Each tear-off sheet in this 36-page placemat pad is filled with brain-building activities: puzzles, mazes, brainteasers, jokes, quotes, weird facts, tabletop experiments, and noodle-while-you-doodle activities. And since it's from that master of reading mayhem, Uncle John, every page of Scrambled Brains has been engineered to turn young eaters into readers! (Psst! Scrambled Brains can feed young brains in classrooms, too!) Each Feed Your Brain placemat pad has its own wacky theme. What will kids find to engage their hungry minds in Scrambled Brains? *Eat This Crossword *Why Mice Taste Nice, *Brain Farts Trivia *Bird Doodles *Mustard Splat Maze, and *How to turn a banana into a tasty banana slug! They'll also find jokes, fascinating factoids, riddles, and quotes guaranteed to amaze and annoy table companions of all ages!



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