My Life (Paperback)
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I have been writing poems for 40 years. Whenever I felt passionate about something that occurred in my life, I would write down my feelings and transform them into poetry. Throughout the years, I accumulated over 50 poems. The cover of my book is unique and there's an interesting story behind it which ironically summarizes my outlook on life. About 10 years ago I was in Las Vegas with my parents and my sister Cheryl. Cheryl and I were going downstairs to meet my parents for dinner and waiting for the elevator. When the elevator door opened, there was a dozen roses in pieces on the floor. I had this crazy idea for us to pick up the 100+ pedals and bring them back to the room. I laid the pedals on the bedsheet and formed it into a heart. We took pictures of it and this became the cover of my book. Obviously something negative happened for a dozen roses to be broken apart and smashed on an elevator. The unfortunate event of whatever happened to those roses turned into a beautiful cover to my book. Every pedal symbolizes a piece of my life whether positive or negative and when you put all the pedals together you end up with something beautiful.



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