Mean People Suck : How Empathy Leads to Bigger Profits and a Better Life
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Are you happy? Like your job? Most people report low engagement and enthusiasm in their careers. And point their finger at a negative work culture, a mean boss... co-worker... or customer. Mean people suck. Some leaders believe that they need to be mean in order to be effective. Their lack of compassion creates negative relationships that lowers performance and profits! Michael Brenner's Mean People Suck uses real-life experience and proven research to show why instead of blaming others, we can look inside ourselves, and learn how to use empathy to defeat "mean" in every situation. This insightful guide shows leaders, and employees how more emotional communication increases profits and enhances lives. You'll learn: Why employees are unhappy and the power of empathy to turn things around. How organizational charts disengage employees by neglecting the human element. Why empathy seems counter-intuitive to success. The secrets to a happy, meaningful and impactful career. If you're ready to enjoy a more gratifying professional and personal life, this book's stories and proven tips will help get you there - even if Mean People Suck.



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