The Devil's Grinder | Moara Dracilor : Poems of Hope and Despair from the Forced Labor Camps of Post-WWII Communist Romania. A dual-language Edition. (Paperback)
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This collection of Poems—offered as a dual-language English–Romanian edition—together with a critical Exposé by the translators, a Preface by the author, a Chronicle and Biography, conveys to the reader a very personal tale of a human tragedy of unspeakable horrors the author endured alongside tens of thousands of other political prisoners at forced labor camps, so-called "Gulags" at the Danube-Black Sea Canal (the "Canal") during Romania's Communist regime after WWII. This book is a Zeitzeugnis—a witness of the time—an account not only of a reprehensible past time but a very pertinent manifest for hope for younger generations everywhere in the world. This book is based on Moara Dracilor by Mircea Ionescu-Quintus, published in Romanian in 1999 by Editura Ion Creanga S.A., Romania. The new title is a dual-language (English-Romanian) edition, with a new Foreword, a new Preface by the author, a new About the Translators, seven additional Poems, three new Illustrations, and a new author Biography. It is a must-read for students and anyone interested in politics, political history, Eastern-European history, Communist regimes, Romania, Romanian history, Romanian politics, History of Political Oppression, Testimonial Literature, Poetry, Eastern-European poetry, Romanian poetry, and socio-political poetry.



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