Theologie: The Ilo's Concept of Decent Work in the Light of the Social Teaching of the Church and Its Relevance to Nigeria, 106 (Series #106) (Paperback)
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Owing to many ills which have enveloped the world of work, the International Labor Organization came up with a concept: decent work. This book examines the extent to which this concept is founded on the basic principle that, in labor, it is man who comes first, a principle that has been clearly brought out by Christian social ethics. Nigeria - having a great share of socio-economic and other woes - parades a world of work that is caught up in the mud of problems. The book identifies and analyzes Nigeria's problems with a view to finding solutions based on the said concept. The book argues that decent work is a vital desire and remedy to the mosaic of socio-economic ills that plague a nation that is expected to play a leading role in Africa. (Series: Theologie - Vol. 106)



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