Celebrating our Faith with Poetry, Art, and Love Songs (Hardcover)
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Ever been invited to a feast? Well, whether you have or haven't been, the author of this book whom we shall metaphorically refer to as "the chef" is inviting you to one. The "feast" is this book, and what you are about to undergo is an amazing twenty-one-course "gastronomical event" (alluding to the twenty-one songs in this book), the likes of which you probably have never experienced before. These twenty-one songs speak to you of faith, spirituality, and sound moral values. They speak of the awesomeness of God, of the need to realize how lamentably limited and ephemeral our earthly life is, of how our vision must transcend beyond the scope of what is empirically mundane into the realm of what is blissfully lasting and eternal, of the fragility and fleetingness of childhood innocence in the wake of our digital age and how it must be preserved as long as possible, of the deplorability of abortion from the viewpoint of a doomed unborn, and many other relevant issues in our society. The book can best be described as a multi- dimensional songbook where, in the author's desire to enhance each of her twenty-one musical compositions, she utilized the elements of art and prose, the latter dealing with a brief history of how each song came to be, in order to deliver a fuller, stronger, more impactful message, in the same manner that a consummate chef, in trying to please the customers in a restaurant would not only whip up a delectable cuisine but also labor in its presentation, serving it on an attractive dinner plate and arranging it with winsome, eye-catching artistry so as to maximize its appetite-stimulating effect. Marie, the "chef," has prepared quite a sumptuous spread here, so she is now inviting you to go ahead and dig in, taste her twenty-one delicious "meals." Indulge. Enjoy. Guaranteed not to give you indigestion or weight gain. The enjoyment of this book, however, hinges on these printed songs coming alive in an audio format. Songs are meant to be heard, not read, as if you didn't know. So, she is urging you to listen to these songs either by going to youtube.com, cdbaby.com, or reverbnations.com/mariefielbureros if you want to listen to the music or purchase the singles. She can also be emailed at magneticmelodies@yahoo.com



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