Food, We Need to Talk : The Science-Based, Humor-Laced Last Word on Eating, Diet, and Making Peace with Your Body (Hardcover)
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This is an unusual – and unusually interesting – exploration of diet, weight and health that touches on memoir but lands on practicality. It’s a cut-to-the-chase book that makes you realize that not everything you know about dieting and weight loss – no matter how much you've read or experienced before – is true, and that way too much of your brain, your time and your pocketbook has been taken up with the endless (and futile) quest. The authors’ two distinct voices thread and play off each other throughout the book as they cover these intensively-researched topics: –Metabolism –Why Every Diet Works... and Then Doesn’t –What Actually is “Healthy” Food? –The (Almost) Magic Pill: Exercise –Detox Teas, Juice Cleanses, Supplements, & Waist Trainers –The Science of Fat Loss –Sleep, Stress and Your Waistline –Disordered Eating or Eating Disorder? –The History of Dieting –The Biggest Key to Success - A Manifesto on Body Image –How to Make This Your Last Diet –Becoming a Professional BS Detector Food, We Need To Talk is a young woman’s look at the landscape of dieting, weight and health as it is right this moment–from the modern body-inclusivity movement to weight and dressing for social media instead of real life–as well as a very relatable doctor’s long view. Together, they’ve created a unique, information-rich book with a real voice that entertains as it pulls you through.



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