Stretching for a Pain-Free Life : Simple At-Home Exercises to Solve the Root Cause of Low Back, Neck, Knee, Shoulder and Ankle Tension for Good (Paperback)
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Two seasoned chiropractors walk you through do-able stretching regiments that target and correct the most common muscular and skeletal pains, such as lower back soreness, neck and shoulders stiffness, knees tension and more! John Cybulski, CD and Bobby Riley, CD, founders of the popular podcast and blog, The Anatomy of Therapy, are experts at breaking down vital information on physical rehabilitation and anatomy in clear, easy-to-understand language. As you move through each stretch, you’ll learn how pain in the body manifests, why it is often interconnected and what you can do to solve it. Each exercise is laid out with step-by-step photos and detailed written instructions, helping you follow along with ease and move safely. Within each series, John and Bobby offer easier and more challenging variations of each pose, so you can cater your experience to your personal comfort level. And with stretches designed for all ages and skill levels, you can jump in no matter your background or injury history. From building up range of motion in the hips to take pressure off the lower back, to working on proper toe rotation to alleviate tension in the knees, you’ll discover countless movements to solve a range of issues and ailments. Attack chronic pain head on with this book of stretches and beginner-friendly information on physical rehabilitation.



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