The Money Moment : How to Encourage a Lifestyle of Giving (Paperback)
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Giving and stewardship are often quickly skimmed over and ministers are relieved to move on to the next subject. Yet the problems of an incomplete understanding of giving are not so easily avoided. Ed Horak's The Money Moment equips leaders and the Body of Christ with a complete program of giving. The Money Moment outlines the theology and doctrines behind a lifestyle of generosity and giving, and details a practical strategy to implement a more effective 'money moment' in the service. Immediately useful and suitable for any denomination, The Money Moment is a valuable resource that answers your church's questions on giving, and provides everything you need to create and apply a reliable, biblical giving program. Ed Horak's The Money Moment is useful for both leaders and the congregation at large, and will strengthen your faith as you develop a comprehensive approach to stewardship and giving.



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