The Power of Hope in Hopeless Situations : The True Story of One Woman Who Called Her Husband Back from Death (Paperback)
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In a world rocked by global terrorism, school massacres, drive-by shootings, civil unrest and racial tensions so explosive they could be set off by static electricity, Jeanne Linville offers the one thing that is in short supply. Hope. Jeanne experienced her own Armageddon when her 39-year-old husband was rushed to a hospital where doctors fought for his life. After hours of waiting, she was told, "Mrs. Linville, your husband suffered a massive brain stem stroke. We did everything we could, but we couldn't save him. I'm sorry." In The Power of Hope in Hopeless Situations, Jeanne allows you a rare glimpse behind the scenes where she struggled for faith while staring at her husband's dead body. And then, how she called him back to life. In this moving true experience, Jeanne Linville will make you laugh and bring you to tears. With homespun humor and transparent honesty, she will reveal the truth of those difficult days. In the process, she will remind you that even while living in an uncertain world, God's Word is true, and it is certain. God's Word will hold you and sustain you, no matter how life shuffled the deck of cards you were handed.



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