Where to Put Your Money Now : How to Make Super-Safe Investments and Secure Your Future (Paperback)
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It's your money. You worked for it. And there's one thing you can be sure of. One day, you and your family will need it. For college tuition. For retirement. For illness. Maybe even just because you want to take a vacation. But in a time when the socks have been knocked off Wall Street, when the world's economy is taking a shocking battering, and when everybody seems to have a horror story about a neighbor or a friend, it's easy to start wondering if your savings will still be there when you need them. Yes, you could spend hours combing magazines and websites, looking for advice that suits your situation. But what you need right now is trustworthy information, all in one place. And you need it to be short, easy to read, and free of all that banker jargon. IF YOU WANT TO BE SURE YOUR MONEY STAYS SAFE... ...then rely on this all-new book from acclaimed financial author Peter Passell, Where to Put Your Money NOW. In this down-to-earth guide, you will discover: • Whether you really need to pay to have someone manage your money • Specific lists of funds and accounts you can trust • Reliable websites where you can learn more • A complete index to all the savings options in the book



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