Financing South Africa's National Health System Through National Health Insurance : Possibilities and Challenges (Paperback)
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Summarizing the keynote addresses and deliberations that emerged from a recent colloquium, this account illustrates the need for universal access to healthcare in South Africa. Arguing that providing this service is the responsibility of the South African government, the policy analysis unit of the Human Sciences Research Council hosted this colloquium in order to facilitate debate on the subject, initiating policy dialogue and formulating ideas for those involved in health-policy development. Divided into three sections, this overview provides a discussion of the context for policy debates on health as well as a concise summary of four key themes: the reform path since 1994, critical options for health within the context of a comprehensive system of social security, local and international evidence on health-system models, and health-systems reform and stakeholder engagement. Recommendations for improving implementation and taking the process of policy development forward are also included.



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