The Dragon of the Desert Wind (Paperback)
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How far would you go for your family? How far would you go to learn the truth about who you are? What would you be willing to endure? Pain? Loss? Suffering? War? Would the entire world being stacked against you cause you to lose hope? These are the questions assaulting the seventeen-year-old boy named Azx (as if having a weird name wasnat enough ) and he now finds himself, against all odds, in a war that should have ended 2000 years before his birth in order to find his lost mother. After suddenly going head-to-head with a renegade dragon, Azx endures harsh storms, makes deals with shady drifters, travels over mountains, rivers and fields, and unravels a mystery several millennia in the makingaall for the truth about his life and family. Welcome to a world where dragons rule and the unexpected is commonplaceaand where teenagers become heroes.



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