The Healthy Dude Book : The Essential Guide for Men of All Ages Who Want to Eat Right, Get in Shape, and Stay Healthy! (Paperback)
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IT'S THE PICK-IT-UP, GET-IT-DONE, LIVING-RIGHT BOOK YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR The Healthy Dude Book is a one-stop resource to answer your questions about health, nutrition, fitness, disease and more. You take your health seriously, but don't to become an obsessive gym-rat You're ready to get back in shape and have the energy to enjoy a long and healthy life and everything that comes along with it Trisha Stewart (author of Healthy Tart and Healthy Idol) gets that. And, she gets that you need a book that's a quick-read with easy-to-find information at your fingertips. That means you can get started and get it done So, forget about living on protein powder and plain chicken breasts, there is a sensible and livable way for you to get you on track, in shape, and on to your new lifestyle. The Healthy Dude Book covers everything from eating and exercising to sleep and libido Plus, you can log onto Trisha's 24/7 online network for additional tips, information and support. Trisha Stewart has been helping people with health, weight and diet issues for more than 25 years. Don't be the lazy guy, or ""the couch potato."" Be the Healthy Dude



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