Decoding the Special Needs Child : With a Comprehensive Resource Guide for Parents (Paperback)
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This book is the result of years of trying to find my own way through the maze of special needs resources, medical diagnoses, medications, doctors, tests, and more in the hope of helping my eldest daughter, Nicole. My hope is that my experiences in this quest will help other parents of special needs children find answers to questions regarding their children much faster, easier and less stressful than I did. By utilizing my Resource Guide, contained at the end of this book, I am confident that these parents will be directed to the much needed resources these families desperately need. A book like this was not available when I was in desperate need of help, advice and direction. I saw a need for a book like this even back then, so that all the necessary information for parents was contained within the pages of one book. Now, here it is My hope is that all the parents and families with aspecial needs childrena will find that the resources contained in this book will help make their lives a little bit easier, a little bit more anormala and help their children in the process.



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