Kate Middleton - Inside Her New Life (Digital)
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"Princess Kate has had a royal evolution unlike anyone else in the history of the British monarchy— from commoner to duchess to Princess of Wales and future queen consort. Kate Middleton was very well-vetted by the time she married Prince William in 2011 after nearly a decade together. And she seemed to adapt to her new role with ease as she took on patronages, became one of the institution’s most popular figures and welcomed children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Kate, who gained the new title of princess upon Queen Elizabeth II’s death in September 2022, has shown herself to be a devoted mom and a supportive spouse as William prepares to become the next king of England. She has carved out her own path as well, focusing on mental health, the arts, and in particular, early childhood development. In February, she announced her new “Shaping Us” initiative, which aims at improving the first five years of children’s lives. “By focusing our collective time, energy, and resources to build a supportive, nurturing world around the youngest members of our society and those caring for them, we can make a huge difference to the health and happiness of generations to come,” she said at the launch of the campaign. Kate, who is also the Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge, is uniquely suited to the cause, thanks to her gift for appearing both relatable yet aspirational— people feel as if they know her. “If we can judge how she feels by how she behaves and by how she looks, I think she looks supremely confident,” royal commentator Daisy McAndrew told Today in January 2022. “If you observe her since she first came into the public eye all those years ago, since her wedding 10 years ago, and now, she’s a very different being.... I think we really see a woman who’s come into her own, understands the role that she has to fulfill and is doing it to the best of her ability.”"