84.11 Multi-Light Pendant Light by Bocci - Color: White - Finish: Glossy - (BOC-84.11-SQ-LED-36-108)
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The 84.11 Multi-Light Pendant Light by Bocci is a creation by sculptor and designer Omer Arbel. Believing that we need a visual way to define the spaces we cannot occupy, this light installation combines the fields of design, invention, and sculpture. Each spherical pendant is formed when a fine copper mesh basket is filled with white glass and plunged into hot clear glass. Soft pillowed shapes that escape through the mesh form as air is blown in to shape this piece. Sometimes the mesh basket inside crumples and folds, while the outer surface of the clear glass develops undulations that lend an individual look to each warmly illuminated globe in this arrangement. In 2005, Bocci began with just one product: the 14 pendant light, which quickly became a modern design success. Today, Bocci offers a collection of contemporary lighting, often in the form of single and multi-light pendants and chandeliers. With headquarters in Vancouver and Berlin, Bocci is structured as a cooperative group of designers, artisans, technicians and more who work together to develop more extraordinary objects. Shape: Multi-Light. Color: White. Finish: Copper


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