Cappadocia Pendant Light by Accord Lighting - Color: Black - Finish: Glossy - (1190.22)
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The Cappadocia Pendant Light from Accord Lighting has a contemporary design with a teardrop-shaped silhouette, ideal for bedrooms, offices, living rooms, and more. Created by Sara Bevilaqua Hister, the design was inspired by the Turkish city from which this product gets its name. The distinctive silhouette is composed of wood, which is sustainably harvested, making this product environmentally friendly. The wood surrounds an acrylic shade that diffuses light into a soft, pleasing glow. Known for its modern wooden luminaries, Accord Lighting is an award-winning brand best known for its forward-thinking custom designs and unmatched attention to detail. Based in Brazil, Accord Lighting produces custom fixtures that combine hand craftsmanship with the latest production technology. Notable Accord Lighting collections range from its Stecche Di Legno collection that features mid-century modern wooden table and floor lamps to its contemporary Clean line of fixtures that includes linear wood sconces and support multiple color temperatures. Shape: Teardrop. Color: Black. Finish: Glossy Black


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