National Fleet Light Plus Series Ramp 9ALPC553-PERF-PRO
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The National Fleet Light Plus Series Van Ramp is the most popular ramp for full size vans and box trucks. The unique benefit of this ramp is the 90 degree swivel that allows you to easily pivot the ramp outside your van to make room for loading and unloading cargo with a forklift. The ramp tucks right up to the door when stored inside, and only takes up about 8" of space from the door inward. The aluminum construction keeps weight down and can hold 880-1,300 lbs. The Light Plus Series features usable ramp widths of 37"-47" with various lengths to accommodate different van applications. Ramps with a 37" wide surface can hold up to 1,300 lbs while the 45"-47" ramps hold 880 lbs only. The spring assist and wheels at the end of the ramp help make ramp operation a breeze. The floor of the ramp is made from anti-slip aluminum with two surface options available depending on your needs. A solid floor is available to handle pretty much any needs you may have, while the perforated version works great for harsh weather conditions or messy work areas where the holes will help facilitate draining | National Fleet Light Plus Series Ramp 9ALPC553-PERF-PRO



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