DashMat Suede Dash Cover 81755-00-76
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The DashMat Suede dash covers offer a rich suede feel and appearance. DashMat actually goes out and purchases a replica of your dash to ensure perfect fitting dash cover. The sun has damaging UV rays that will actually dry out and crack your dash. The sun's UV rays will also bleach the original color of your dash. The DashMat Suede dash covers are designed to be UV resistant and will completely block the sun's rays from harming your dash. These Suede dash covers are going to stop Plasticizer Migration, which keeps that unwanted haze off of your windshield. Designed out of high quality materials, these Suede dash covers are durable, color fast and built to last. This dash cover is available in 4 different colors including beige, grey, smoke and black. So whether you are looking to restore an old classic or you just want to sustain the value of your everyday vehicle, DashMat Suede dash covers can help you. | DashMat Suede Dash Cover 81755-00-76



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