Black Rhino Machined Black Shrapnel Wheel 1895SHR005140B78
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Black Rhino Hard Alloy wheels are the latest up and coming truck wheels and they came out the gate swinging. Offering unique and aggressive wheel designs for you truck or SUV, Black Rhino is taking the wheel game to a whole new level. The Black Rhino Machined Black Shrapnel Wheels are made from durable cast aluminum finished in a stunning gloss black with milled windows. Shrapnel wheels are inspired by modern warfare with an explosive design spanning outward from the center. Sharp windows form a shrapnel mesh featuring stepped windows and milled accents. Available in a variety of bolt patterns, sizes and offsets, you're sure to find the right fitment for your truck's taste. Backed by a five-year structural warranty and an additional two-year finish warranty these wheels are sure to last. Get your Machined Black Shrapnel wheels from Black Rhino at to receive free, fast and convenient shipping | Black Rhino Machined Black Shrapnel Wheel 1895SHR005140B78



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