Diving Made Simpler : An Introduction to Scuba Diving
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Are you thinking about diving or have you recently started diving?Then this is the book for you!This book will introduce you to diving. Diving can be a nervous experience for new divers. What this book does differently to others is that it introduces diving in a simpler way because it breaks down every aspect of the diving before you have even entered the water. I will take you every step of the way from introducing the reasons why diving is such a fun experience and not to be missed, giving you the best information on where to dive and who should be the best dive instructor for you. I am a Diving Instructor with over 10 years of experience diving in countries all over the world and with different agencies. The reason why I wrote this book is because I was once a nervous diver just like you and was bombarded by information, which was difficult to digest. By piecing together, the most helpful information and by using the best resources, along with my diving experience, I have created this Introductory Diving Guide so you would feel more comfortable and at ease in the underwater world.You will learn the basics of scuba diving, how to identify a good diving instructor how to use your equipment properly and how to stay safe. You will learn the different types of Certifications, the best places to scuba dive and the costs. I will also provide you the best tips for scuba diving and how to log your dives.On my first dive I was not given the correct preparation and it put me off diving for 10 years, I do not want you to go through the same experience as I did. With the right preparation, I rediscovered my love for diving and had an amazing experience.This book will give you everything you need to know while being an affordable and an accurate guide. What are you waiting for? Take that leap of faith into the unknown, it is worth it!


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