Parker Hannifin 1JC43-6-6 - Crimp Style Hydraulic Hose Fitting 43 Series Fittings
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The 43 Series of hydraulic hose fittings from Parker Hannifin is renowned for its ease of assembly, wide selection of shape and end formations, hose compatibility, and extensive use across markets. This cost-effective line of permanent crimp-style hydraulic fittings is designed for use with Parkcrimp crimpers to deliver bite-the-wire sealing and holding power. When used with Parkers No-Skive hoses, 43 Series fittings can be assembled without removing the outer hose cover, eliminating premature hose failure caused by skiving too long or too short. 43 Series fittings feature one-piece construction with chromium-6-free plating, and are compatible with petroleum-based hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils and with phosphate-ester-based hydraulic fluids. Applications include hydraulic industry standard, constant working pressure, high temperature, low temperature, suction and return. Available in sizes from -inch to 2 inches in a wide variety of end formations, the 43 Series is offered in more than 2,500 configurations and is available around the world. For highly corrosive applications, 43 Series fittings also are available in stainless steel. Markets: Transportation RV & Bus Military Construction Agriculture Grounds & Building Maintenance Forestry Railroad Utility Equipment Personnel Lift Equipment Machine Tool Oil Field Service Waste & Refuse Material Handling Marine Paving & Road Maintenance Ground Support Equipment Industrial Mining Features/Benefits: Easy push on force Imperial HEX Stainless steel option available Wide range of end configurations One piece reduces complexity and leakage path No-Skive technology offers easy, efficient, and safe production processes Applications: Petroleum base hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils Phosphate-ester base hydraulic fluids Compatible Hoses: 301LT 302 304 351TC, 351ST 387/TC/ST (-4 through -20 only) 422 424 426 431 436 451TC, 451ST 471TC, 471ST 472TC 482TC, 482ST 487/TC/ST (-4 through -16 only) 722/TC/ST 787/TC/ST (-4 and -6 only) 797/TC/ST (-4 and -6 only) 881 GST II Series 7092 Specifications Hose I.D. (size) -6 Port Connection 3/8 Hose I.D. (inch) 3/8 Connection Thread Size (inch) na Flange Size (inch) na Style Female Seal-Lok - Swivel Shape Straight - Short Material Steel Banjo Diameter (mm) na Nut Hex Size (inch) 13/16 Nut Hex Size (mm) na Back-up Hex Size (inch) 11/16 Back-up Hex Size (mm) na.



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