Macrame Swing, Wooden Tree Swing, Tree Swing Adult, Tree Swing, Boho Swing - 90 inch (2.28 m)


This macrame swing was made with high quality cotton twisted rope 5 mm and a wooden seat. The seat is covered with decorative protected impregnation.Use the swing to add some bohemian vibes outdoor or indoor space! It will look great on any special event: wedding, baby shower, birthday, boho party and others.This design was created especially for adults. It has two strong metal carbines for hanging anywhere: on a ceiling, on a tree, on a wooden block etc.Choose the suitable height option these measurements are from the hangings loops to the wooden seat:1) 50 inch (1.25 m)2) 60 inch (1.5 m)3) 70 inch (1.75 m)4) 80 inch (2 m)5) 90 inch (2.28 m)6) 100 inch (2.54 m)


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