Nixie Tube Clock Case IN-14/16 6-tubes Table Watch Vintage Gift Home Decor Backlight is Green
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Electronic clock on old neon indicators of the last century from Russia. I make them myself and constantly improve my models.The watch is powered by any charger on your phone with the appropriate cable or 5volt power supply. Includes USB 2. 1x5. 5 mm cable with connector! Length120 centimeters.The watch has the following features: 1. 24hour format.2. The backlight lamp.3. Low power consumption.4. "Destroy" the numbers every half hour, preventing oxidation of the indicators, which significantly increases the service life of the indicators.5. Adjusting the brightness of the numbers, "points" and screen dimming6. Two brightness modes depending on the time of day7. Four indicator switching modes: no effects smooth attenuation rewind playback in numerical order rewind to the cathodes8. Three lighting modes for lamps: breathing constant light away9. Case size: 196*58*55mmVery important !!! Do not touch live wires during operation! Do not use a power source over 6 volts! Before removing installing the top Board, be sure to turn off the power. The slightest distortion or excessive bounce can cause components to burn out.


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