The Leo Ring of Ornstein the Dragonslayer Dark Souls signet ring Dark Fantasy Jewelry Dark Souls inspired jewelry - Solid Brass/Pure Copper/12
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A ring with a Lion (Leo Ring) based on the Chosen One's journey through Loredan in the game Dark Souls.One of the special rings granted to the four knights of Gwyn. The Leo Ring belonged to Ornstein the Dragonslayer.This ring strengthens counters with pierce weapons. His lugged spear is said to have sliced a boulder in two.Raises counter attack damage with Thrust attacks by approximately 40%, for a total of about 68% increase in damage. :) If you want to get other artifacts from Dark Souls such as: covenant rings, Ring of Favor, ring of artorias, etc.; Pendants with covenant simbols or Boss figurines ( Artorias , Namless King and Yorm Giant ) Plese contact us and we will add a product card for this product. Yes, there are a lot more products in our assortment than you see at the moment, but we are working on it :)At the heart of each model is always the author's sketcha drawing that reflects our vision of the subject at a particular time.A velvet gift bag is attached to the decoration ideal for gift and storage. A polishing cloth is also attached to the product.The characteristics, the shade in the photo are approximate, may differ from the actual ones).About the main materials we use:Nickel silver is an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc (Cu15Ni20Zn).Also, this metal is also called Nickel Brass Nickel brass, Argentan,Argentan new silver, new silver albata, albata, alpacca alpaca.These names of the alloy have developed historically and have been used in various countries.The metal is characterized by corrosion resistance, increased strength and elasticity during deformation, satisfactory ductility in hot and cold conditions. It has a silver color.Brass is a double or multicomponent alloy based on copper, where the main alloying component is zinc, sometimes with the addition of tin (less than zinc, otherwise traditional tin bronze will turn out), nickel, lead, manganese, iron and other elements.Copperzinc alloys have a higher hardness than the base metals. They are used for the manufacture of appliances, machine parts and household items. This alloy became known hundreds of years before our era and was widely used for the manufacture of household items of jewelry. According to ancient Greek legends, it was from this "mysterious metal" that the shield of Hercules was made.Copper is a soft goldenpink metal and one of the first metals mastered by mankind. Copper can deservedly be called the first metal that was used to make jewelry. it is considered that copper and its alloys have a bactericidal effect and have a beneficial effect on the body. And folk recipes prescribe the wearing of copper bracelets and pendants even to improve the healing of fractures.


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