A tool for felting wool with three needles! Needles are suitable as standard, they are easy to change.You can work with any number of needles. The speed can also be changed at will.
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present to you a wool felting tool with four needles. Felting is an interesting kind of creativity, but it takes a lot of time. That's why I developed this tool to make work and time easier.In this model of the tool you can work with either one needle or two needles, or with three needles and even with four!!The result of the work will be mega fast!With this tool, the work will be more enjoyable, since your hands will not get tiredThe needles in the tool are standard, easily replaceable.The speed is changed using the adapterThe engine does not heat up during operationThe tool can be used both at the initial stage of work and at the final stage.This tool is designed for largescale work.


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