Custom hand made knitted sweater with name embroidery for baby, girl & boy. Personalized soft Wool knit for child, kids - 3T/Pink
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Handmade knitted sweater with name embroidery for baby, girl and boy. Custom soft Wool knit for children.The sweater is very light and airy, while very warmYour baby's name is embroidered in the center of a circle of flowers.Please write in what color palette you would like to embroider flowers.The palette will be selected depending on your wishes and the combination with the main color of the sweater.I will DEFINITELY send you a photo of the colors I selected for approval.Please specify the name no more than 5 characters, otherwise the letters will be too small and will not look nice on the sweater.The color of the letter will be milky for dark colors of the sweater (red, blue, brown, moss green)For the light colors of the sweater you can choose the color of the letter by writing to me about it.The diameter of the inner circle is about 4.7” 12 cm, the outer circle is about 6.7” 17 cm (these are approximate dimensions, as they depend on the location of the embroidery).The photo shows a size of 69 months, so the circle is on the whole sweater, but the larger the size, the smaller it will look on the sweater.Since it is handmade, it is impossible to repeat exactly, so you will own a unique thing created in one instance.Due to the yarn, the sweater turns out to be light, but warm.The patterns on the sleeves make it original and unusual.Thanks to the composition, your child will feel comfortable both on a walk and during active games. You can combine it with casual or fancy clothes.The sweater has no seams.This sweater will be a wonderful gift for any holiday for your baby.Personalized and custommade products are nonrefundable.COLORThe thread can be either melange or plain, please carefully study the palette. Please pay your attention that the color depends on the photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.If you can't find a suitable color, please send me and I will try to help you.SIZEPlease choose the size according to the table and your child's height.If You are having trouble choosing the right size, please contact me.MATERIALSStructure:68% Alpaca, 28% polyamide, 7% wool.ALPACA is a yarn made from Alpaca wool.Properties of Alpaca, higher than that of sheep wool. LIGHTNESSmuch lighter than wool. SOFTNESS soft and gentle yarn, never scratch your baby's skin. HYPOALLERGENIC your baby's sensitive skin is not at risk of irritation and redness. WARMTH it warms well in cold weather HYGROSCOPICITY your baby will always be in dry warmth; WEAR RESISTANCE the products will delight you and your baby for years with proper care;CAREonly hand wash at a temperature no higher than 30 degrees. wash with special products or baby shampoo for hair dry in a horizontal positiondo not dry near the battery, heating devices and the sun. store on a shelf in the wardrobe (do not hang on hangers).


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