Baldauf Lemon Pepper Cheese/Cut & Wrapped by igourmet/Cheese


Baldauf's Lemon Pepper cheese is a semi-hard, cow's milk cheese with an edible organic rind that has been coated in freshly ground black pepper and grated lemon zest. Made with local pasteurized 'hay milk' from the prized Allgäuer Braunvieh cow breed, the Lemon Pepper cheese is slowly ripened for 6-8 weeks to develop it's unique flavor. Master cheesemakers at Baldauf cover the rind entirely with the bright peppery mix that infuses the cheese with just the right amount of brightness and bite. The grassy undertones of the fresh hay milk and subtle infusion of flavors from the rind make this Baldauf cheese one-of-a-kind! Enjoy a classic pairing with a glass of Reisling or Pinot Gris. The beauty of Baldauf cheeses is in the 'hay milk' that is collected from the century old, robust cow breed called the 'Allgäuer Braunvieh'. This particular breed feeds exclusively on hay in the winter months and grazes on grasses during the summer, producing a higher quality 'hay milk' that makes up only 5% of all milk production in Germany. Baldauf is only one of a few producers in Germany using this high quality hay milk in their complete line of cheeses, and this milk is delivered fresh every morning from small local farms in the Allgau region. Baldauf is situated in the beautiful and serene Allgau region of Germany and was founded in 1862 by businessman Martin Baldauf, who was one of the first to distribute Emmental cheese. With a deep respect for the home region of Allgau, Balduaf continues to support and maintain a close relationship with the local farmers and alpine dairies. The master cheesemakers at Baldauf continue to carry the legacy of cheesemaking in the region, honoring tradition and the love for producing a pure, quality cheese. Relying on handicraft, tradition and true artisan technique, Baldauf cheeses stand the test of time. We cut and wrap this item by hand from a 13 lb. wheel.


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