Nintendo DS Original Dark Blue
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This refurbished Nintendo DS Original games console comes in a refurbished condition, with a grade of Very Good. All of our reconditioned Nintendo DS Original consoles come with a free limited 12-month warranty, a 14-day money back guarantee, flexible payment options with Klarna and free tracked shipping on all orders. Each of our used Nintendo DS Original games consoles pass up to 60 tests and checks through our extensive in-house refurbishment process, to ensure the second hand Nintendo DS Original 3" you buy is of the highest quality - for a fraction of its original price. Dark Blue , , 3", Very Good condition. Shop our range of certified refurbished Nintendo DS Original Dark Blue - The Nintendo DS is no ordinary console. What on the face of it appears to be merely an upgraded Game Boy Advance is packed with a suite of never-before-seen features which make it unique within the gaming world. The most obvious new feature is the two screens (DS stands for dual screen), the bottom of which is a touch screen. This makes an enormous difference to the way you play and interact with the game, as you use a stylus or the handy thumb strap to control the action.The way this works in a game varies enormously, with first person shooter Metroid Prime: Hunters using the touch screen and D-pad to create a control system that's just as responsive as a PC keyboard and mouse. But there!s more to the DS than even that. It also has a built-in microphone (one new medical game has you operating on patients with the touch screen and reassuring them everything is going to be okay via the microphone) and it can be connected wirelessly to sixteen or more other consoles. Not only that but some games and utilities even allow it to connect online via Wi-Fi. Although the DS is far more powerful than the GBA it can display 3D graphics somewhere between a Nintendo 64 and the GameCube--it is still backwards compatible, so you can play all your old GBA games in single player mode on the same console.



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