2 Car Truck Trailer Side Decals Graphics Stripes Vinyl #b758Blue
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2 - Car Truck Blue Side Decals Graphics Stripes Vinyl FEATURES 2 - Side Accent Stripes Left & Right This sale includes a two decals & they are a mirrored one for the left side one for the right side. Two Options Available 10ft long 12ft long (Measurement is at the thickest point of the decal.) Colors depicted: Multicolored Note: Settings on monitors, devices etc can vary from one to another & colors & sample pictures shown on our products are representative of the actual colors we use. Decals can be applied to any flat non-porous surface. Decals are made from 3 mil Premium Outdoor Air-Release bubble free vinyl wrap. Laminated to last at least 7-8 years. (Please contact us for alternate sizes & colors. We can print these at any size.) APPLICATION Steps one & two: Unroll & Burnish Lay your Vinyl Decal on a smooth, hard surface such as a tabletop, wall, or floor. Use a squeegee or a credit card to burnish the transfer tape to the vinyl graphic by rubbing over it with a very hard pressure. Now, flip it over & repeat on the back side. This will adhere the Transfer Tape to the Vinyl Decal well so that the backing paper will remove more easily. Steps three & four: Position & Secure for the Top Hinge Method Eyeball where you want to place your vinyl Decal, or use a measuring tape to determine the correct position. Use painter's tape to tack the vinyl decal in place on the top corners. If required, use a bubble level to check that the design is level by placing it on the 1/8" trim line that surrounds your decal. Adjust as necessary. once you have your Vinyl Decal installed on your surface you will not be able to move it to another position, so take the time to double check that your design is level & ExACTLY where you want it to stay! Run a strip of Painter's tape across the top of the design, with half of the tape on the wall & half of the tape on the front of the decal. This is your "tape hinge". This Top Hinge Method works well for smaller vinyl decals (under 2") that can be applied by one person. Step five & six: Flip, Remove, & Roll Flip the decal up (like opening a door) & carefully peel the Backing Paper off from the hinged edge. Pull the Backing Paper back slowly at a 180-degree angle, using the flat of your hand to push the vinyl down onto the Transfer Tape as you slide the Backing Paper off. Avoid touching the adhesive on the Vinyl Decal if you can. If the decal wants to come with the Backing Paper, simply roll backward a bit & push the decal back down onto the Transfer Tape using the flat edge of your fingers while you pull back. Once the Backing Paper is removed, slowly roll the Vinyl Decal down on the surface from the hinged edge. Use the Squeegee or the palm of your hand to smooth & secure the decal from the center outward. Step Seven & Eight: Burnish & Peel Use the squeegee to burnish the Vinyl Decal securely to the wall or surface with the Transfer Tape still in place. Slowly peel back the Transfer Tape form the top down, again at a



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