Red White & Royal Blue Rainbow Face Mask Pre-Order
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This is a pre-order for the 'Red White & Royal Blue Rainbow' White facemask. The photo shown above is digital mockup of the design, so the final product might be slightly different (such as slightly different dimensions to make the design look the best it can on the actual facemask) This is a pre-order because all the materials are still being shipped out to me so I'll be making these once everything arrives & it could take anywhere from 2-3 weeks ( Up to 14days) for the orders to be shipped out ! Fingers crossed everything arrives early & I can send them out to y'all the earliest possible ! IMPORTANT ITEM UPDATE: The previous facemasks sold in this listing contained a white pocket for a filter, but I have since changed facemask suppliers & the new facemasks in this listing do not contain the white pocket for filter. The new facemask are similar to the past ones but these ones have more room on the front for Iron-On Vinyl designs. The new facemasks are still a 100% cotton & are a 3-ply for more layers of protection. The straps are still thick for durability, each mask will still have silicone strap adjusters, so you can adjust the ear loops to fit you best ! Please note that this is NOT a medical grade facemask. The material used for the designs is Iron-On vinyl so please wash these on a gentle setting & airdry for maximum longevity of the product. Red White & Royal Blue Rainbow Face Mask Pre-Order



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