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Basic game Genre: Family, Strategy Sub-genre: Prehistoric, Educational, Card game, Animals, Evolution Playing time: 30 — 60 Suggested age: from 11 Number of players: 2 — 4 Contents: 84 cards (English text), 30 tokens, 2 dice, game rules (English, German, French language) Shipping weight 0.36 kg Evolution. The Origin of species is a great example of a popular science game. The author managed to combine science with great playability. Animals of different species live & develop, receive new abilities & compete for food. To become a speedy carnivore or a big water dweller, it all depends on the habitat.d So your main goal is to make a developed population of species that would fight for survival, & by the end of the game will dominate the planet! The best thing is that Evolution can be used as an educational & very informative game because you can not only play a game & have fun, but also you are able to learn the basic concepts of the evolution of life & all living organisms on Earth. Of course, you can also play this board game with family or friends, & we promise that everyone will be deeply interested in the process of the creating new animals & protecting their lives. This game will appeal to both people who enjoy casual board games (30 min to learn the rules is more than enough) & to hardcore players who plan complex strategies to win. in the game your animals go through several stages. in the beginning primitive animals appear, then the player gives them different traits, helps them to adapt to the environment. Some animals are becoming predators; others learn to defend themselves from them. An animal can become a scavenger or grow fins & go back into the ocean. The players then determine the amount of available food & begin to feed their animals. If any animal is left hungry it is dying out of starvation. Each turn, players get new cards for their survived animals & game stages go over & over again. The basic idea of the game is that the more animals the player has, the harder they are to feed & protect, although, survived animals have more opportunities for development. in the end of the game the player with the most advanced & developed population will be a winner. __________________________ in December 2015 famous science magazine called "NATURE" had published the first article about board game ever! The article contained information about the Evolution game series. If you want to read this article you can find it in the "NATURE" magazine number 528 (192) from the 10th of December 2015. At the beginning of June 2014 the "Evolution" tabletop game has been represented at the UK GAMES ExPO & won the bronze award in category "Family & Education". in 2013 Rightgames publishers participated in the Nuremberg International Toy Fair (Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nürnberg) & "Evolution" board game has been nominated for the ToyAward. It was a first time ever when Russian board game was nominated. in the end of this page you can find



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