Wooden Dice Tower Custom Engraving Board Game Dungeons Game Dragons Rpg Wood Tray Set Roll The Dice Gift Box
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Wooden dice tower for Dangeon & Dragons RPG game. Celtic wooden dice tower. Designed to obtain an independent result when throwing the dice. These are random results each time. The tower gives equal opportunities to players. Very lightweight, easy to transport & store. BOx & DICE IS NOT INCLUDED in THE DELIVERY PACKAGE. You can buy this product complete with a dice box & personal settings. Please follow the link https://www.etsy.com/listing/981182708 Great for throwing all kinds of dice. The main advantage of accessories of this design is an interesting appearance, which often does not spoil the theme of the playing field. Often such towers are even used as part of the landscape for wargames. Indeed, the medieval watchtower can provide shelter for British archers & a squad of Space Marines. The dice tower prevents dice from flying out of the special tray & knocking down game elements. The same with dice makes it nearly impossible to use basic sleight of hand techniques. Face-up dice roll no longer works. The tower is made of high quality wooden plywood. Assembled by hand. The text & drawing are laser engraved with high precision. Staining with a safe safe glaze. You can customize the appearance of the tower by specifying a "combination of top & bottom image numbers" in the options. For example, Tree above & below = combination 2 + 12. You can choose Custom engraving for your images or inscriptions. Send us your pictures in correspondence. We can engrave any text or picture you need. Write to us if you want to develop your own design. We will discuss your project. Tower size 19cm (height) 13.5cm 9 (width) 5cm (thickness) = 7.6in 5.4in 2in The tower can be used with any of our trays. Special bonus: this tower fits easily into trays included in the DND boxes https://www.etsy.com/listing/981182708 It is very convenient for storing & carrying the tower inside the box. A great opportunity to customize your tower & make it in the same style as our dice box. For example, you will have a box with a Tree of Life on the lids. & you can also make a tower with the Tree of Life engraving. Buy the Tower with Dice Box Celtic Tree of Life https://www.etsy.com/listing/802854896 or Celtic dragon https://www.etsy.com/listing/832186899 & make your settings. Or choose your box + tower For this right side slot on the side wall of the tray & install the tower. You have the option to add the tower to your shopping cart with any of our products. You can also use the tower independently of our trays. We try to provide reliable packaging & use the services of postal companies, the reliability of which has been proven by time. Nevertheless, we GUARANTEE, in case of proven loss of the parcel or its destruction, REPEAT dispatch. Enjoy the game! Wooden Dice Tower Custom Engraving Board Game Dungeons Game Dragons Rpg Wood Tray Set Roll The Dice Gift Box



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