The Ace Of Pentacles - Crystal Candle Inspired By The Witches Tarot Card Deck/Protection Inspiration Intuition Manifestation
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The Ace of Pentacles, like the other Aces of the Tarot, represents new beginnings, opportunities, & potential – & as a Pentacles card, these new beginnings correlate to the material world: finances, wealth, career, physical health & manifestation of your goals. You may receive a new job offer, an unexpected sum of money, a new business or investment opportunity may come your way, or you’ll have the chance to bring an idea to fruition. No matter the occasion, the Ace of Pentacles heralds a sense of prosperity & abundance in the material or financial areas of your life. It undoubtedly comes as a welcome invitation – but it is not a free ride. As with all Aces in the Tarot deck, this card illustrates the possibility of a new endeavour but does not guarantee its manifestation or success. That piece is up to you. See the Ace of Pentacles as your ‘green light’. It marks the initial stages of manifesting your goals & assures you that you can truly achieve what you have set your mind to do. The world is your oyster and, through careful planning & determined effort, you can manifest your goals & desires. Your ideas are ready to turn into something tangible & real! This card encourages you to map out how you will achieve your ambitions, create targeted plans & get those actions underway. Keep your eyes open for chances to manifest your goals & realise your inner potential. The Ace of Pentacles also symbolises wealth, not just for your bank account but in a holistic sense as well. You may discover opportunities to generate a new source of income or receive a financial gift or windfall. Or you may have a chance to create wealth in a broader sense – happiness, fulfilment, potential, & love. This Ace signifies abundance in all areas of your life. Enjoy it! Feel blessed & deserving of everything that comes your way. If you wish to amplify this feeling of prosperity, live by the Law of Attraction & send your positive energy & intent into the Universe so you will receive more in return. Kiwi Sunshine scented. Candle Sight 77 Crystal Candle Company. Our handmade candles are made from All natural soy wax. All infused & added items have been chosen as they support the high vibration of the candle. The crystals were charged with the moonlight. The flowers were hand-picked & dried by me, & most of them come from my garden. All herbs have been dried & charged by the sun. Each candle was personally created by me & saturated with the energy of the full moon with appropriate rite & prayer. Upon attempting to light the wick, be sure it is trimmed to approx. 1/2-1/4th inch. Gently move or scrape away any herbs, flowers, resin charms or added items away from wick in 1/4th inch circumference to allow for proper light & even melt. Once flame is going you will need to watch candle closely to move any items away from burning point. After lighting the candle, it turns into a beautiful cauldron of manifestation, sending your intention to the universe. When lighting



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