Urine Diverting Road Commode Composting Toilet
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The quality of parts used in out toilets, detailed craftsmanship, & the fact that your new Road Commode will arrive at your door ready to use, with everything included, makes this composting toilet a great buy. We even include the peet moss! This Easy to Use Toilet Includes Everything... -Sturdy solid wood construction -Quality toilet seat (no flimsy seat here!) -Urine diverter -Urine level indicator window -1 gallon liquids container -Solids shroud -5 gallon solids container -Composting medium FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS... How Does It Work? The secret behind how a composting toilet works is thru the use of a "Urine Diverter" which separates the liquids & solids. Dont be fooled, a toilet that doesn't rely on a urine diverter is NOT a composting toilet. Please look up high end Composting Toilets such as "Natured Head" & you will see they all have a urine diverter. It is simply counterintuitive to attempt to dry out the solids with a drying medium after voluntarily filling the container with liquid. Please note... a toilet that doesnt separate the liquids from the solids is NOT a Composting Toilet. Separation of the liquids & solids maintains a dry environment which is essential for initiating the composting process! What are the cheaper toilets on Etsy all about? That's just it, they are cheaper toilets which are assembled with cheaper parts (toilets seats, hinges, solids containers just to name a few) & most dont include several essential parts such as urine diverters, shrouds, separate liquids containers, notched solids containers, now that's a lot if parts! As you know, with competition comes cheaper products at a cheaper price. If you would like $10 off please message us after you have purchased & we will ship your toilet with the same seat our competitors include with theirs. Although we dont recomend it! Does it stink? No, there is no odor because the composting medium wicks moisture from the solid waste before any odor is produced If in doubt, read our reviews - you will see they speak for themselves! We've shipped hundreds of these & customers love them because they are easy to use, wont cost you a thousand dollars, & they work...! Thank you kindly for supporting small business! Overall dimensions... 19" High X 19" Deep X 16" Wide Please note if you would like this product delivered to ALASKA or HAWAII please message us before placing your order Road Commode, a great addition to any... RV Camper Van Sprinter Motor Home Travel Trailer House Boat Skoolie Tiny Home Back House Outhouse Homestead She shed Man cave Construction Site... Urine Diverting Road Commode Composting Toilet



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