1028-1041 Ad Bronze "Jesus Christ King Of Kings" Coin With Holding Gospels, Set in Sterling Silver Setting, Jesus Coin, Biblical
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I made this pendant with a 1000 year old original ancient Byzantine bronze coin minted in Constantinople under the rule of Emperor Romanus III or Michael IV. The Byzantine Empire was the Eastern remnant of the ancient Roman Empire that persisted as an intact political & military entity for a thousand years after the fall of Rome, from the 5th to 15th century AD. Between the years 969 AD & 1118 AD, various Byzantine emperors minted an impressive series of large bronze coins collectively known as the Anonymous Byzantine Christ Folles. The word 'follis' is a denomination, like 5 to 10 dollar bill, & folles (with an e) is plural, while follis is singular. They are called 'Anonymous' because the emperors placed neither their own portrait & name on the coins, which had been the prior custom, nor the mark of a mint city or the empire. Instead, they put an image of the face or figure of Jesus holding the gospels on one side, & the phrase "Jesus Christ King of Kings" or a similar message on the other. The example I used in this pendant is one of the earlier & larger of the Anonymous Byzantine Christ Follis Coins. It was minted in Constantinople between the year 1028 & 1041 AD, 55 years before the First Crusade was launched from the same city. The front of the coin depicts Jesus with a cruciform halo (a halo with a cross in it), holding the books of the gospels before him. On either side of Jesus were the small letters IC XC, for Jesus Christ, & around the figure was the inscription Emmanouhl, translated Emmanuel, meaning 'God Is With Us.' The Emmanuel inscription is not visible on this example, but the figure of Jesus holding the gospels can be readily made out. The back of the coin is in much better condition, & is the reason I turned this one into a pendant. It has a large cross with the inscription IS XS BASILE BASILE in the 4 corners of the cross. This means "Jesus Christ King of Kings" in Byzantine Greek. This is an original coin, not a reproduction. I handcrafted the setting from sterling silver. I build the settings around my coins & hold them in with tension & pressure. The coin is not harmed in the process, & is neither pierced nor soldered to the sterling setting. Thank you for considering purchasing my work, & I hope you enjoy this piece! - About the Artist: I have been designing & hand crafting silver & gold jewelry for over 25 years, & generally work from my small studio in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I've made thousands of pieces of jewelry in my lifetime, continuing a tradition of craftsmanship in wood, metal, stone, & fabric that goes back many generations in my family to our Scottish & Irish ancestors. My work has appeared in several dozen galleries in the American south, across Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, & Colorado, & has been featured several times in publication. Gems & minerals are a passion for me. When not behind the counter at my studio or making jewelry, I create two dimensional artwork (drawings & paintings), & write about



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