stock Market/Investments Divination
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This carto is specifically for yes/no advice on stock purchases for those of you who play the market or invest therein. You can choose short term gains (within a year), or long-term gains (within 5 years) when selecting the reach for your reading. You would need to send me your name & dob & up to 6 stock codes per read. I pull a carto for each code & send you a report listing yes/no for those stock choices along with a photo of your cards. This is actually the divination method I use for myself & close friends & family who invest in stock. I personally use Robinhood (before the internet hype) as I have a brokerage cash account with them tied to one of their debt cards I use. Some of the recent stocks I’ve carto’ed & invested in include GE, ZNGA, GPRO, AQST, SNDL, OGEN, IAU, HUGE, NRZ, NPTN, SBUx, & crypto DOGE. I personally invest for long term gains only. stock Market/Investments Divination



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