Lace Leaf Water Sprite, Easy Care Low Tech Live Freshwater Aquarium Plant, Fish Tank Decor
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Shipped free in a USPS First Class Package. Hello everyone! Offering one rooted Lace Leaf Water Sprite plant from my personal tanks. These are low maintenance, low light, & easy care Freshwater plants that grow super fast. I love them in my personal tanks as they are great at sheltering fry & baby shrimplets. They are also adept at throwing off little baby plantlets along their leaves. These will grow roots faster than the new leaves, making replanting/ propagating a breeze. This is a great choice of plant for quickly growing lots of live rooted cover for your fish. This order is for a single rooted plant between 2-5 inches tall. I will ensure you get a healthy specimen with multiple leaves & root stems. These grow fast, & rather large (I've seen up to two feet of growth). I would recommend placing them towards the back of the tank. Laceleaf Sprite is so versatile, you could even just drop this plant in the water & allow it to drift around your tank at the surface. The roots will grow downward & pick up nutrients directly from the water column. Please check the photos above of the sizes you can expect to receive. They are beautiful & natural plants, so do expect some variation! Grown submerged with minimal fertilizer & average light/ room temperatures. They are super adaptable & will work for your freshwater tank too. I do have snails in tanks, but no duckweed. If you'd absolutely rather not have snail hitchhikers, definitely look up how to do a bleach dip. These are snipped/ harvested & packed right before shipment. I'm very careful, & I use methods that have consistently gotten the best results over years. Lot of love going into this hobby. Please don't leave them in a mailbox Lace Leaf Water Sprite, Easy Care Low Tech Live Freshwater Aquarium Plant, Fish Tank Decor



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