3.5" Tsuba For Slayer
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This listing does NOT include a functional saber. It only includes hilt parts that are compatible with our Slayer saber. Price includes shipping. When purchasing this with a Slayer saber listing, it will be installed & ship out as one complete saber. Please include in the personalization section whether you wish to keep the 2.5" standard tsuba (only applies to purchases made with the Slayer saber listing). Your order will then ship with the 3.5" tsuba installed & the 2.5" tsuba wrapped separately in the box. These will ship within 5 business days unless it is purchased with a Slayer saber, then it will ship once the Slayer saber is built. This listing includes: 1x 3.5" Tsuba OD: 1.3 inches ID: 1 inch 3.5" Tsuba For Slayer



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