International Women's Day - Strong Woman She Persisted Teen Empowerment Gift Box With Flower Pot Seed Paper They Tried To Bury Us
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They tried to bury us but they didn't know we were seeds. These beautiful seed paper gift boxes celebrate the power & beauty of life giving seeds in one gorgeous feminine design full of life. Be the seed that changes the world, one step at a time. Persist! Perfect for celebrating female power & ingenuity. Each special gift box has a flower that is embedded with flower seeds — with a pot & soil to plant it — & instructions. The boxes come fully assembled & ready for giving. We can even ship the gift directly to your friend. Just leave their address in the ship to field at checkout. We are happy to include a personal message from you too — please type it in at checkout — & be sure to order a "personalized" box. Gift messages are only sent with personalized boxes. Flower seeds in the paper: Zinnia, marigold, red & pink poppies, black-eyed susans, shasta daisies, columbine, snapdragons, godetia, & cosmos. A really sweet & thoughtful mix that also creates habitat for polllinators like bees, butterflies, & even hummingbirds. They love zinnias! Photos show the seed paper growing at various stages of development. Inside the box: - 1 plantable paper flower, embedded with flower seeds - 1 eco-friendly biodegradable pot made from plants, 2 inch - expandable soil pellet for growing - planting instructions - personalizable card & / or gift message (+$4) - optional upgrade to mini greenhouse biodome Small & sweet! These gift boxes are 2 x 2 x 2 inches with just enough to get started growing, & at a size that is easy to gift & send. If you desire a larger gift with more heft, upgrade to the biodome version with a 4 x 4 x 4 inch gift box. For more info, see below... ......... ABOUT OUR DESKTOP BIODOMES ......... These clear cups are made entirely from plants: corn & are meant to trap in moisture to keep the seeds damp so they have the best environment to sprout & grow. Seeds typically fail because they don't stay wet enough, people forget to water often enough. The biodome seals in the moisture better & makes seeds starting easier. Each one is 100% biodegradable & fully compostable. The top features a vent hole with removable cover so you can let out excess moisture if it becomes too humid inside the biodome. When you upgrade to the greenhouse biodome, you also receive a larger gift box, for a bigger, more impressive gift that is twice the size. After the seeds have sprouted, the biodome can be re-used for planting other seeds. Just compost it when done. { QUESTIONS ? } To contact seller with questions or details, it's easy! Please message me here International Women's Day - Strong Woman She Persisted Teen Empowerment Gift Box With Flower Pot Seed Paper They Tried To Bury Us



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