Ribbon Font Embroidered Monogrammed Handkerchief, Personalized Custom Handkerchief


Please insure that the items that you have ordered are the same items & quantity as those referred to in the order notes. Processing times vary & may be longer than posted, depending upon the size of the order & whether the order is highly customized and/or the buyer requests multiple proofs & changes to be made. These unique & beautiful linens are perfect for weddings, special occasions & as gifts. They are useful accessories for any fashion, & the detail of the personalized embroidery adds to the exquisite quality of the linens. They also make great gifts for the wedding party. Please select your linen purchase carefully. Personalized or customized items cannot be returned or refunded. Please email to request help with an order. ORDER INSTRUCTIONS FOR MONOGRAMS: 1. SELECT HANDKERCHIEF TRIM STYLE FROM DROP DOWN MENU 2. SELECT THREAD COLOR FROM DROP DOWN MENU 3. WRITE MONOGRAM LETTER(S) IDENTIFYING WHICH NAME THEY REPRESENT, FONT STYLE & OTHER PERTINENT INFORMATION in THE PERSONALIZATION BOx AS WELL AS THE ORDER OF THE LETTERS OF THE MONOGRAM If you do not complete the personalization box then I do not know which letter represents first, middle, & last names, so that I can put the monogram in the correct order. If the Personalization box information is not complete, & only a monogram is written, then the monogram will be sewn in the order shown. Most of the 3 letter monograms for ladies handkerchiefs would be in the order of first, last, middle names. Any example where the center letter is larger than the other two would be in that order. Some smaller font styles can be in the order of first, middle, last name initials for a ladies monogram. Mens 3 letter monograms can be in the order of first, middle, last names or first, last, middle names. If the order of the monogram is not specified, it will be sewn in the order of first, middle, last name initials, unless it is a first, last, middle name order monogram only. CUSTOM THREAD COLORS ALSO AVAILABLE If you would like the date to be written in a different order than MONTH DAY YEAR, then please specify in the personalization box. Machine wash in cold water. Bleaching agents may cause thread discoloration. PLEASE REQUEST A PROOF in THE ORDER NOTES FOR ANY SIZE ORDER PLEASE LOOK FOR PROOFS TO REVIEW FOR ALL LARGE ORDERS SUCH AS NAPKINS & MULTIPLE OR HIGHLY CUSTOMIZED HANDKERCHIEF ORDERS PLEASE LOOK FOR EMAIL COmmUNICATIONS ABOUT YOUR ORDER IF YOUR ORDER REQUIRES ExTENSIVE CUSTOMIZATION, such as written phrases, custom monograms, complex designs, etc., please place an order on the Custom Order listing for handkerchiefs, dinner napkins, cocktail napkins or towels. The shop is not responsible for variations in the appearance of thread colors on internet device screens. Some linens such as the large linen towel & the mens silk pocket square are unbleached natural fibers that will be an off white color that can vary from one batch to another. They may appear differently in the listing photos because they



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