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I have decided since I have my VIP Memberships on my website, but I have nothing on my Etsy Shop, to do a monthly membership/subscription here as well. Many long term clients require long term spell casting. They understand already that things take time to achieve the results & require continuous work. Also, with this mini version, its more of a budget friendly service then my VIP service on my website. So what do you get for a membership here. 5 Mini Spells per month such as a come to me, money, prosperity, separation, mini skulls, healing, calming, crown of success, attraction, love, sweetening jars, money jars, etc. (this does not include my combo spells that I already have available). We will discuss when you pay for the monthly subscription which ones you will choose from. 5 Mini Tarot readings per month which will be videotaped & a link to a private video sent to you which your video will be on my YouTube channel. Once you pay for the monthly subscription, the time starts from that day till the following month. Example, if you pay on January 20th, the membership goes till February 20th. I hope I explained it right. SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube Channel Mini Monthly Subscription/Membership



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