Brow Tint Aftercare Instruction Cards | Physical Printed 2 X 3.5" Inches Business Card Size Black With Rose Gold Foil Design
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WHAT YOU'RE BUYING: This listing product includes physical printed cards. Size is 2 x 3.5" inches each business card is printed on a thick premium 14 pt. matte card stock. Please select the quantity of cards you would like to be printed & mailed to you with a tracking number at this great wholesale price with free shipping! This card is printed front & back with eyebrow tinting aftercare instructions to help ensure the longevity of the treatment. Digital Download Option: If you are interested in the digital download of this item please visit our digital download shop "LashicornDigital" if a digital download is offered for this product it will appear in this shop. A few items we sell physical prints of, are not available for digital download. WHO ARE THESE FOR? These cards are ideal for eyebrow technicians, estheticians, & cosmetologist specializing in eyebrow tinting, or the process of coloring the eyebrow hairs. The idea of handing out an eyebrow tinting aftercare card is to both 1) extend the longevity of the eyebrow color treatment by helping your clients practice safe aftercare instructions & techniques as well as 2) release you, the technician, from the responsibility of providing long & detailed aftercare instructions verbally. If clients see their brow tint session not lasting as well as they thought, but also see they have not used proper aftercare techniques provided to them, they are more likely to continue to come back for touch-ups as well as promote your services to others. The colors, patterns, & designs on this unique card vary! For more options check the shop "Lashicorn". There are many options for brow tint aftercare instructions to hand out to your clients after their procedure. If you have suggestions for a design - please let me know! PRINTED WORDS: (Front) Brow Tint Aftercare Instructions Avoid getting your brows wet for 12 hours after the tint. Avoid eye makeup for 24 hours. For at least 24 hours, avoid swimming, saunas, & heavy sweating. Avoid touching your brows. Avoid the sun/UV light as much as possible as it can cause your tint to fade. (Back) Wash your face with an oil free cleanser. Avoid cleansers counting exfoliants or alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). You can reschedule your tint for every 2-4 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows. If any redness, irritation, or swelling occurs a cold compress can soothe symptoms but contact me immediately for further instructions. Terms of Use: The design & words (content) is owned exclusively by Boutique Marketing LLC. Copyright © 2019 Boutique Marketing LLC. All rights reserved. All Boutique Marketing Copyrights are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws, & are not to be reproduced in any substantially similar way. Copyright violators will be prosecuted. WHY BUY: Lashicorn has been printing professional business cards & supplies since 2019, before that, we offered general business print items since 2015! If there is anything wrong with your order we promise to respond quickly &



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