Hastha Kalalu | Antique, Ebony/Boxwood Chess Pieces Galaxy Staunton With 2 Extra Queens - Double Weighted
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Galaxy Staunton Chess Pieces are heavy, double-weighted pieces. Finely crafted knights add to the beauty of these chess pieces & durability will last for years & years to come. If you really love chess, you deserve these chess pieces. These chessmen are finely crafted by our craftsmen who have inherited this skill for so many years. From the perfect on the King to the minute details of the knight's mane, These Ebony wood & Boxwood pieces have green velvet pads on the bottom. Manufacturer HasthaKalalu Chess Board Included? NO Material(s) Ebonized Boxwood, Natural Boxwood Basepad Material Billiard Cloth Square Size 2'' inch / 5.08 cm Recommended Chess Board Footprint 19" x 19" Recommended Carrying Bag Size 24" Chessboard Carrying Bag Median Set Weight 36.2 Ounces Total Number of Pieces 34 Chess Pieces, including 2 Additional Queens (for Pawn Promotion) With a 3.75" or 3.5" king height & high gloss finish, these chessmen will be the envy of all your opponents. Chess pieces Dimensions: King height - 3.75 " King base - 1.725" Queen height - 3.2" Queen base - 1.5" Bishop height - 2.75" Bishop base -1.45" Knight height - 2.75" Knight base - 1.45" Rook height - 2.25" Rook base - 1.45" Pawn height - 2" Pawn base - 1.25" King height - 3.5 " King base - 1.5" Queen height - 2.625" Queen base - 1.375" Bishop height - 2.5" Bishop base -1.325" Knight height - 2.375" Knight base - 1.25" Rook height - 2" Rook base - 1.25" Pawn height - 1.625" Pawn base - 1.25" The chessboard is not included. Note: all the items are photographed up close & personal so that you can see their beautiful details. Some items may appear large than the real size, so please check the measurements carefully to avoid any confusion. Though, we work hard to photograph them as close to the real color, keep in mind that lightning, props, & background may cause a difference in the color. Colour will also vary from monitor to monitor. Hastha Kalalu | Antique, Ebony/Boxwood Chess Pieces Galaxy Staunton With 2 Extra Queens - Double Weighted



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