Nylon Custom Hair Hq Surprising Yellow Green Neon Hqg1C Retro Type For Dolls Ponies & Projects 1 Straight Hank
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If you're customizing, restoring or creating a brushable toy, you need hair! And, this HQG1C customizing hair is here to help you finish the job economically. Nylon hair like this is rooted into vintage & modern ponies, doll heads, or fastened to strips & added to hard-plastic horses to make manes. It is for use by restorationists (fix a doll who has had a nasty hair cut), customizers (use it to give hair to one of the HQG1C blanks in this shop), or creators who want to make a toy that can be brushed & styled. It's Surprisingly bright! This is an almost neon tone of yellowish greenish hair. This is a straight hair color. It feels very soft & silky to the touch. Once it is properly installed into the toy or craft of your choice, it can be washed/brushed & styled normally. As this hair is nylon, you can: Boil perm it to give curls that last It is fine, soft, & has the texture of regular pony hair. (Or most-Barbie, or Monster hair) More photos of this hair/installation of the hair/examples will be added soon. The last photo shows a vintage pony & also a modern boxed one who have this same hair color When you want a blast of bright color, Surprising Yellowish Green is a good choice for restorations or new characters. This listing is for ONE hank of the color you see in the photos. The pony is there as an ExAMPLE ONLYto show you what you can do with the hair & how much hair you will have left when you do the style/length that you see here. Things to notice: The hair-holes have been punched evenly & plentifully along the guide-texture on the neck/head There are 2 rows of hair for the mane (use etsy zoom tool to inspect the montage-type photo for the details) The tail is of an ordinary (classic 1980s) size A low-loss method was used (open-eye needle method) The hank of hair, where it appears with the pony is how much hair is left over when the pony is done. (So, a good amount!) The hair is 36 inches long or about 91 centimeters & comes in a plastic bag You can find A Horse of Every Color videos on Youtube that show how hair is restored into a vintage pony that explains the open-eye-needle method in under 10 minutes. Nylon Custom Hair Hq Surprising Yellow Green Neon Hqg1C Retro Type For Dolls Ponies & Projects 1 Straight Hank



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