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HOLIDAY SEASON NOTICE OF CHANGE: (Effective 10/31/2021 - 12/20/2021): As we expect the Holiday season to triple our volume, we will not be able to honor birthday/time restricted orders during these dates unless you use RUSH MY ORDER. Also, by Nov 1, all E-Ticket orders will require 48-72 hour wait time. We apologize for the inconvenience. NOTICE: Any personalization of tickets that has information not relevant to the tour (custom date, venue, etc) may cause extended processing times. We recommend keeping the dates & info relevant. However it is not required. DESCRIPTION Shipping is expensive, which is why we opened our listing for fans worldwide who want to get the top Memorabilia tickets from us, but can't afford that $15 shipping. Choose our top tickets from 2020 & have them e-mailed from us! ❤️MATERIALS❤️ Digital ❤️FEATURES❤️ 1. Personalized Ticket information 2. Backside includes a graphic feature. 3. Fast Processing 4. High Quality. 300 Pixels/inch 5. Size: 6.1" x 2.5". Size can be adjusted by custom order. ⭐ Custom name, date, ticket number on the front. Graphic change on the back. ⭐ Choose either Custom or General (has all tour dates but no specific info) ❤️Personalize❤️ This is common information & some may not be available on certain tickets ⭐ Your Name (not artist name) ⭐ Time & Date of Event (Time Zone ok ex. 12/31 9:30pm KST) ⭐ Price - Ticket Costs ($54 or 59,500 kr) ⭐ E-Mail address to send files If you skip or decline to put info on one of these instructions, we will put general information on it (ex. price will be COMP or PROMO). If there's issues with your information, you will be contacted to help correct it before e-mailing it. ❤️SHIPPING PROCEDURES ❤️ NO MAILING. You will receive the ticket within 2 hours of purchase date between 9:00am & 10:00pm PT. Depending on volume, it can take up to 24 hours. NOTE: If you request a concert that we haven't made yet, we require a 2 day processing to gather information on making these tickets. TURNAROUND RATES - E-MAIL DELIVERY Turnaround time depends on the method you choose. At default with no fees, the turnaround time is 2-24 hours depending on the volume. If you need this ticket made quickly, upgrade to 2 or 4 hour turnaround for just $1-2. At default, the time will never exceed 24 hours. ❤️PERKS OF PURCHASE❤️ Discount on your next purchase. ❤️RETURNS POLICY❤️ Because it's a digital item, there are no refunds. Please plan your information carefully. You may cancel your order as long as you tell us before we send the e-mail. ❤️CONDITION OF USE❤️ This ticket design is the property of K-FAM Media LLC /K-FAM MARKET & should only be used as a form of personal, souvenir, gift, or non-commercial use. The ticket is not an official ticket & it is not endorsed by or affiliated with artist or the presenters or characters of this tour. Kreative Family & it's subsidiaries do not claim/own any of the copyrights above & all trademarks



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